Monday, October 8, 2012

Other Enbedded Projects

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1. Security access control system using RFID
2. Gas leakage sensing system and automatic control
3. Automatic Active Phase selector for single phase load from three phase supply using Microcontroller
4. Real time battery monitoring and low voltage alert system for car
5. Fault alerting and maximum demand controller for industries
6. Electrical thermal plant boiler temperature and water level monitoring
7. Ultrasonic sensor based Automatic Braking comfort
8. Automatic LDR based window blind control system
9. Solar Tracker with Stepper Motor Control using Microcontroller
10. Non-contact Digital Tachometer for industries.
11. Automatic room light intensity detection and control using a microprocessor and light sensors
12. Alert the user with voice messages in case of over power utilization.
 13. Intelligent irrigation water pump controlling system depends on soil moisture.
14. Gesture based wheel chair for physically disabled person
15. Gestured controlled lamp dimmer (Useful for power conservation)
16. Keypad based digital door lock system and I-Button
17. Resistive Touch screen based password authentication for Illiterates using images
18. Tongue controlled wheel chair
19. Wireless matchbox with digital lantern using Microcontroller
20. Mobile phone DTMF technology controlled irrigation/ agricultural motor control system
21. Finger print based Bank locker system
22. Voice based indicator for High voltage fuse blown
23. Microcontroller based Robot controlled through PC with head lamp vision
25. Child monitoring system
26. Automobile security system using digital password
27. Path following robot
28. RF controlled battle Robot
29. RF Based Smart Zone Vehicle Speed Monitoring and Control System
30. Advanced remote accident information system using GSM
31. Alive human being detector using Passive Infrared Sensor
32. Automatic gate entry and exit system using RFID
33. Bluetooth based wireless multi-channel home automation system with IVRS
34. Voice controlled robot
35. Automatic Electricity billing and tripping for non-paid customers
36. Flying robot for Rescue operation during accidents and disaster
37. GPS based Fleet management system
38. Industrial power management system
39. Home security system with auto dialer
40. High voltage fuse blown indicator with automatic fuse roll system
41. GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System
42. Digital vehicle speedometer with password enabled speed limit setting
43. Voice operated remote for TV
44. Voice operated home appliance control
45. Helmet based vehicle safety system
46. Invisible fencing system using GSM
47. Eye protection from television radiation
48. Auto turn off battery charger
49. Speed limit alert for vehicle
50. Cotton purification process in spinning mills using PIC microcontroller
51. Automated light controller using fuzzy logic
52. Advanced real-time vehicle tracking system using GPS modem
53. Automatic power failure indicator to EB sub station
54. Magnetic door lock system for security
55. Embedded based EB sim-card
56. Finger print based security access control system
57. Role of wireless sensor networks in forest fire prevention
58. Design and implementation of embedded indoor intelligent temperature control system
59. Zigbee based intelligent helmet for coal miners
60. Vehicles tracking and breaking system in traffic
61. Wireless speed control of dc motor using RF communication
62. Bus arrival and departure announcement system for metro bus stations
63. Patient vital signs monitoring using wireless body area networks
64. Vehicle gas detection with automatic safety warning system using GSM
65. Code modulation based encryption & decryption technique for secure communication in wireless
66. Zigbee device access control and reliable data transmission in zigbee based health monitoring system
67. Railway gate management using GSM technology
68. Timer based automatic power cutoff for industrial sealing/packaging machines bed side patients monitoring system with emergency alert
69. Electrical thermal plant boiler temperature and water level monitoring
70. Automatic vehicle toll collection using smart card technology
71. Fiscal access system using RFID
72. Microcontroller based audio muting system depends on mobile call
73. Wireless sensor node to detect hazardous gas pipeline leakage
74. Microcontroller based intelligent robot control using sms
75. Modern intelligent automatic traffic light controller based on traffic density
76. Patient’s body temperature & heartbeat rate auto detection system with wireless paging to the concerned doctor during emergency situation
77. Landmine detecting android
78. Hand movement based fan/light controlling
79. Microcontroller based vehicle parking slot indicator
80. Bus detection device for the blind people using RFID
81. Power saving system for shopping malls with visitors counting
82. Public bus tracking system
83. Hand talks system for the physically disabled people
84. Automatic vehicle RC book & driving license verification system using RFID
85. Gsm based advertising display system using LED panel
86. Novel Electronic Voting Machine
87. Single phase residual current breaker 
88. Chopper based dc motor speed control
89. Stepper motor control based on pc commands
90. Touch pad based bulb intensity control
91. Automatic temperature based exhaust fan controller
92. Automatic break failure and engine heat controller
93. Embedded based electricity theft identification
94. Live human detection and sms indicator
95. Petrochemical level indicator and controller with temperature monitoring for spinning / cotton process industries
96. Automatic station name display in train
97. Automatic cellphone detector
98. Ir based bomb and fire detector
99. Remote based stepper motor control
100. Electrical energy production using locomotives