Monday, October 8, 2012

IEEE 2012 NS2 Projects

IEEE 2012 NS2 Projects
1.   Balancing the Tradeoffs between Query Delay and Data Availability in MANETs
2.   Cut Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
3.   Design and Implementation of TARF: A Trust-Aware Routing Framework for WSNs
4.   Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks
5.   Handling Selfishness in Replica Allocation over a Mobile Ad Hoc Network
6.   Hop-By-Hop Routing In Wireless Mesh Networks with Bandwidth Guarantees
7.   TAM: A Tiered Authentication of Multicast Protocol for Ad-Hoc Network
8.   The Three-Tier Security Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks
9.   Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
10.ZoneTrust: Fast Zone-Based Node Compromise Detection and Revocation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing